Hearing aids can also cure tinnitus?

Nowadays, tinnitus is still a common clinical symptom and a major medical problem. The symptoms of tinnitus in adults are ubiquitous. It is not a disease. It refers to the abnormal sound perception that occurs in the inner ear or the skull without external sound source stimulation.

The current cause is unknown

The pathogenesis of tinnitus is complicated, and there is no clear research conclusion. The diagnosis still lacks objective basis, and symptomatic treatment is often used clinically. Tinnitus easily causes various obstacles such as emotional and sleep in patients. The poor physical condition of the patient will aggravate the severity of tinnitus, thus forming a vicious circle, which seriously affects the physical and mental health of the patient. In addition, studies have shown that the frequency of tinnitus falls within the frequency range of hearing loss, so long-term tinnitus may cause hearing loss in patients.

Vicious circle of circulation between tinnitus and bad emotions


Hearing aids for hearing loss patients with tinnitus are a good choice for both hearing and hearing aids for hearing tinnitus.

How does a hearing aid have a therapeutic effect on tinnitus?

First of all, the hearing aid itself can improve the ambient sound and create a background sound, thereby reducing the resolution and perception of the auditory center on the tinnitus sound, to alleviate the psychological and mental symptoms caused by tinnitus to the patient.

Secondly, the existing hearing aids have more functions of tinnitus management, which can spontaneously release the masking sound, and use the external sound to suppress the spontaneous excitatory activity of the cochlea or the auditory nerve to achieve the purpose of eliminating tinnitus.

Hearing aid

The treatment of tinnitus requires a process, so don’t rush to the patient after wearing the hearing aid. After patiently wearing the treatment for a period of time, I believe that your tinnitus will be better!

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