How do we need to prevent sudden deafness?

1.Strengthen exercise, strengthen physical fitness, avoid colds, and prevent viral infections.

2.Don’t overwork, pay attention to work and rest, and maintain physical and mental pleasure.

3. Control systemic chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes.

4.In addition to the above recommendations, it is recommended to protect another healthy ear: avoid contact noise; avoid ototoxic drugs; avoid ear trauma and ear infections .

5.Patients with sudden deafness should be supplemented with more protein and vitamin-rich foods such as lean meat, beans and various green leafy vegetables.

6.Patients with sudden deafness should eat zinc-containing foods such as fish, chicken, chicken liver, eggs, and various seafood.

7.Eat more magnesium-rich foods, such as bananas, pineapples, and walnuts.

8.Eat more vitaminsDAnd calcium food. Common foods include skim milk, bone soup and calcium tablets.

9.Patients with sudden deafness should eat less nutritious food, reduce warm food, and do not drink strong tea, coffee, wine and other stimulating drinks before going to bed.

Sudden deafness

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