The difference between the price of hearing aids bought online and the physical store is very big.

Generally bought onlineHearing aidThe price will be higher than that of the physical store. That is because the physical store will have one more employee cost, rent, utility bill, etc., and the money can only be placed on the consumer, so the store will be sold. Things are much more expensive than online stores.

But no matter what you bought onlineHearing aidHow cheap is it, we still don’t recommend buying it online.

Hearing aid

Bought onlineHearing aidYou are not guaranteed.

First of all, hearing aids need to be professionally fitted. The fitting of hearing aids is a very important part for hearing patients. If you don’t perform hearing tests, you can’t accurately determine the hearing loss, let alone the hearing aids behind. Comfortable.

At the same time, as far as the author investigates, many of the hearing aids currently sold online are branded with the same model of the same brand. However, after consumers buy the hand, they often find that the goods are not right. Or after using it for a period of time, when going to the offline store for debugging, it is found that there is a certain gap between the comparison with the same model of hearing aids of the same brand.

In addition to these two points, there are debugging mentioned above.Hearing aidIn the early stage of wearing, you need to debug frequently. If you buy a hearing aid online, what do you need to debug? You can only go to the offline store or the fitting center for debugging, and pay once for the money. Do you think it is worth?

andHearing aidMaintenance and repair is also a big part for users of these online shopping. Hearing aids need regular maintenance. Under normal circumstances, a hearing aid can be used.5 ~ 8About a year, if you are well maintained, you can use it.10Years are even longer, and maintenance is not good.2.3It is also scrapped in the year, soHearing aidMaintenance can not be slow.

Sometimes because of your carelessness or some external factors, the hearing aid will be damaged or there will be problems. In this case, it needs to be repaired and purchased at the store.Hearing aidThere are warranty periods, but online shopping is not the same, as I said above, repair once to pay once.

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