Hearing aids have how to whistle

Some users ask for the Jinghao medical: After purchasing a customized hearing aid, put the hearing aid on the hand after turning it on, or “scream” when stuffing into the ear. Is this normal?

The “scream” of the hearing aid is called the howling of the hearing aid. It is an acoustic feedback mechanism. The hearing aid will whistle, some are normal, and some are problems with the hearing aid.

What is the whistle of the situation is normal?

Just like in life, sometimes the microphone on the stage and the microphone on the stage will scream. It is normal for the hearing aid to be placed on the hand or howling during the wearing process.

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The hearing aid is a small loudspeaker with a small size. The microphone and the receiver are very close. Under normal circumstances, the hearing aid amplifies the sound received from the outside and sends it to the receiver to make a sound. During the wearing process, the hearing aid passes through the receiver. The sound is transmitted again by the sound and then amplified by the microphone. Such a cycle of multiple amplifications caused a howling.

There is also a case where whistling occurs if the in-ear machine is not placed in the correct position when worn, which generally occurs in users who are not skilled at the beginning of wearing.

What kind of whistling is not normal?

The howling generated by the hearing aid can be divided into two categories: internal howling and external howling.

Internal howling

If the bell is blocked when the hearing aid is not worn, this scream still exists, which is an internal howling.

A common cause of internal whistling is that the hearing aid is dropped or subjected to other vibrations, causing internal components to be misaligned or displaced, resulting in howling.

In addition, there may be problems with the internal space of the hearing aid being too small and the components or wiring arrangements.


Hearing aids with internal acoustic feedback are usually turned on for repair, so you need to go to the professional fitting center to test it by the fitter and then send it back to the factory for adjustment.

External howling

If the hearing aid continues to produce whistling after wearing it, it is likely that the hearing aid is not well integrated with the contact area of ​​the ear canal, or the crack of the custom machine casing is loose, the ear hook of the ear is loose and aging, etc., and the external whistling of the hearing aid belongs to the hearing aid. .

If the hearing aid is not tight enough, it is easy to leak the amplified sound, reflect it in the external auditory canal, and then re-amplify the sound again through the hearing aid, so that the sound intensity of the hearing aid sound output is greater than the ambient sound, and finally the external The hearing aid whistle.


The external whistle of the hearing aid also needs to be resolved at the professional fitting center. Some custom machines need to be re-made, and the ear-back machine needs to make ear molds.

In addition, users with high frequency hearing loss generally need large high-frequency gain to compensate for high-frequency hearing loss. Excessive high-frequency gain can also cause howling. This situation requires professional fitting. The center is re-commissioned.

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