Smoking can also cause hearing loss?

The dangers of smoking to the upper respiratory tract are well known, but the dangers of smoking to hearing are not necessarily known. Tobacco contains a lot of toxic and harmful substances, which can directly stimulate the skin and mucous membranes of the ears, and can also indirectly enter the blood to cause damage. Smoking can damage your hearing in two ways:

Vascular factors: harmful substances in cigarettes enter the blood, small blood vessels sputum, blood viscosity increases, inner ear microvascular supply atherosclerosis, severe hearing loss, and even cause deafness.

Mucosal factors: The substances in the smoke can stimulate the middle ear mucosa, increase the viscosity of its secretions and secretions, affect the ciliary peristaltic function of the eustachian tube and tympanic mucosa, cause eustachian tube dysfunction, and reduce local resistance.

In fact, smokers not only endanger their health, but also endanger the health of their families, friends and the surrounding population. Passive smoking can also cause hearing impairment, especially on children’s hearing health.

Smoking causes hearing loss

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