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Can hearing aids treat deafness?

Even modern medicine can’t guarantee that all deafness can be cured, and those drugs that are circulated and treated on the Internet, what is a cure for deafness, and even treatment with qigong are unscientific and untrustworthy. The structure of the human ear is extremely complicated and precise. The same is true for audiology. With the current medical technology, it is impossible to cure all deafness. The same is true for wearing a hearing aid. It is impossible to treat deafness.

Hearing aid is an auxiliary tool for amplifying the external sound. It has the same function as myopia glasses. The same reason, glasses can’t restore our vision. The same is true for hearing aids. The principle of hearing aids is to accept the outside voice. After coming over, zoom in and noise-reducing, and then let you hear the sound, which is what we call compensation hearing.

There are a lot of deafness that are irreversible now, such as noise deafness, senile deafness, etc. This type of deafness is not a treatment of hearing aids. At present, there is no medical treatment for this irreversible deafness. What are those lindane medicines? The remedies can cure your deafness, and the hearing recovery is deceptive.

Therefore, for this kind of deafness, I can only say that you can only compensate him by wearing a hearing aid, which is incurable.

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