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Do you know that deafness is actually protecting our ears?

Is it cool? It’s inevitable to answer the question. Even some people have been using it for a long time. They have become a habit, and after a meal, they have a shower and a glimpse of the drama. The tools used to pick up the ear are also varied. Cotton swabs, toothpicks, keys, etc.

It is precisely because everyone is so fond of deafness that every year, because of the smashing of the ear canal, the patients who ruptured the tympanic membrane are everywhere.

But do you know that deafness is actually used to protect our ears.

Deafness, also known as sputum, is a kind of pale yellow secretion secreted from the ear canal. Many people are deaf because of their coolness. Some people are deaf because they are dirty, first disgusting. In fact, this is just you. The psychological effect, because a person called deafness will make you feel this way, if you change your mouth, you are not so dirty.

The benefits of deafness are many, so let’s take a look.

First, deafness can protect our ear canal and tympanic membrane. The tiny dust in the air, the sand is everywhere, because there are ear mites stuck there, so as not to hurt our ears, and in the hot summer, small Flying insects are very easy to enter our ear canal, with deafness will not directly let the small flying insects fly directly to our tympanic membrane.

Deafness can also protect our hearing. Do you have this feeling? After a long time, you don’t dig your ear. After you have dug it, you will feel a lot better. This is because the deaf has a certain noise reduction function, which can protect our ears from noise. Damage.

Deafness still has a certain degree of greasyness. When we wash our hair in the shower, it is inevitable that a little water will enter our ear canal. At this time, deafness plays a vital role in preventing the invasion of dirty water, thus preventing a series of Infectious diseases such as otitis media, otitis externa and so on.

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