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How to play the effect of hearing aids

The hearing loss friends have fitted hearing aids but they have not played due to incorrect use.Good results of hearing aids. Here, I will explain to my friends:

First of all, the friends who have fitted the hearing aids must insist on wearing hearing aids. For example, some friends have fitted hearing aids, but he usually does not bring them. His ears are in a quiet environment, and suddenly he has to go to the door to participate in family gatherings. He put the hearing aid on, and his ears and hearing aids did not have any connection at all. It can be said that he is completely listening to with a new voice, to talk with friends and family, he did not carry out rehabilitation training for hearing aids. Then, this friend will wear the same effect as wearing a new hearing aid. This hearing is not controlled by himself. Your ears are passively charged. Only the incoming sound can be heard. Therefore, only wearing a hearing aid can enable friends to hear more and richer voices, which is beneficial to the auditory response and recovery of friends. Through daily obedience, friends can tell your ears which languages ​​are spoken, which are noises, which are the sounds that exist around them, and which are useful sounds, so that the auditory nerves become more and more sensitive. Your grasp of the environment and speech dialogue will only improve. Therefore: We recommend that hearing aids must be worn!

Wearing a hearing aid, the most important thing is not to rush to seek success, the family should also participate in the rehabilitation training of the hearing aid, the family helps the user to spend the peace of mind. First of all: don’t wear it for a long time every day. Wearing a hearing aid requires a gradual process. The first week of wearing it is only worn in a quiet indoor environment. Wearing 2-3 hours every day, especially the elderly, feels tired. Take a break and avoid hearing fatigue. The second week can go to a slightly more complex environment. You can wear 4-5 hours every day. In the third week, we can go to the streets, supermarkets, and more complicated environments, so that your ears will be worn from a quiet environment to a noisy environment. Wear 6-8 hours every day for a long time. Especially for the elderly, increase the wearing time when he is comfortable, don’t worry.

Therefore: We recommend that hearing aids must be worn scientifically!

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