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What happens when you wear an ear canal hearing aid?

As the name suggests, ear canal hearing aids are hearing aids that are worn inside the ear canal. They need to be customized according to the shape of each patient’s ear canal. These hearing aids are different from the behind-the-ear hearing aids, and their concealment is higher. I don’t see it. Although there are some suspects of self-deception, some patients will feel a little inferior after wearing hearing aids, so they need this comfort.

So what happens when we wear an ear canal hearing aid?

The first is power. Because of the limitations of some parts inside such hearing aids, it is impossible to do too much power, so those with severe hearing loss are not suitable for wearing such hearing aids.

Secondly, the ear plugging effect is simple. It means that when you put your hand on your ear, the voice is different when you talk to the ear. This is actually the same whether it is the ear machine or the ear machine. You can do this kind of symptom. Real ear analysis.

There is also the feeling of ear suffocation. In fact, the above-mentioned reason for covering the ear, the ear canal hearing aid is worn in the ear canal, so there will definitely be a certain sense of ear suffocation, so the open hole above the hearing aid is more important. However, some patients with otitis media are not recommended to wear such hearing aids. If they are treated during the onset of otitis media, they should be worn after the treatment is over.

Then it is more prone to problems. Due to the problem of sputum, the in-ear hearing aid is more prone to problem damage. Therefore, when wearing such a hearing aid, pay attention to the cleanliness and keep dry in the ear canal.

When the hearing aid has problems causing damage, try not to tamper yourself. The hearing aid is a high-precision electronic product. Some of the parts and accessories are relatively fine, so if there is a problem, go to the fitting center as soon as possible for maintenance.

Wearing an ear canal hearing aid

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