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Can hearing loss recover?

Hearing loss will cause a lot of inconvenience to our daily life. When we are unfortunate enough to suffer from hearing loss, we will definitely try our best to solve it and restore our hearing loss.

Although there are many ways to treat deafness, can hearing loss be restored?

For hearing loss, whether you can recover or not depends on the nature of your hearing loss.

In general, we divide hearing loss into three types: conductive, sensorineural, and mixed.

If you have a conductive hearing loss, after finding out the cause, such as otitis media, or hearing loss caused by embolism, then as long as you are treated in time, and then the treatment is successful, you can recover your hearing.

But if you are suffering from sensorineural or mixed, this is more troublesome. Both types of hearing loss are caused by hair cells and auditory centers. Basically, the hearing loss caused by them is irreversible. There is almost no possibility of treatment to restore hearing, and there is a tendency for hearing to decrease with age. The method of solving such deafness is currently to relieve hearing loss by wearing a hearing aid.

Hearing loss

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