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How to communicate with hearing loss patients wearing hearing aids

Deafness is a very painful thing. If you can’t hear it, you can’t hear the voice of the world. It’s impossible for us, people with normal hearing, to understand. Although there are hearing aids now, hearing aids are not omnipotent. When a patient is wearing a hearing aid and chatting with us, it is not always clear.

In fact, when we communicate with the hearing loss patients wearing hearing aids, pay attention to some of the above problems can make the communication between the two parties smoother.

When we communicate, we should try to shorten the distance of communication. It is best to face each other. Don’t talk about the wall over there. The range of distance that the hearing aid can hear is the best.1.5Rice to2Between meters, more than3After the meter, the fluency of your communication will be greatly reduced.

Don’t talk back when you speak, as I said before, it is best to face to face. Sometimes, even if the hearing loss patient does not understand what you are talking about, you can judge yours by reading your lips and reading the lips. Say something.

The volume of the speech can be moderate. Don’t feel that the hearing loss patient can’t hear it after listening to the hearing aid, so that the voice is increased. In fact, many deaf patients with rejuvenation phenomenon are more annoying, so the voice is moderate. Yes, if the other party says it is not audible, then you will increase the volume at this time.

If you talked about it twice during the communication process, you still can’t understand it. You may wish to try to change the expression. Some patients with hearing loss may not understand certain words or certain words. You change the meaning. If you can express it, you can understand it.

When speaking, speaking speed is very important. Please speak Mandarin in speech. Many times, don’t talk about those who are deaf and hearing loss. Even if you are listening properly, when you listen to others, the other person speaks a non-standard Mandarin, plus Can you understand the speed of speech that can be compared to Hua Shao? The key person Hua Shao said clearly, he said so much, I can’t understand it completely. Therefore, when we are communicating with patients wearing hearing aids, we should try to slow down the speed of speech. It is not necessary to speak slowly. The key is to Speak clearly so that patients can understand what you are saying more easily.

How to communicate with hearing loss patients

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