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The causes of deafness in young people are those

The factors that cause deafness are as follows:

1, noise pollution. Jumping Desgao, KTV Yangge, screaming phone porridge, listening to songs for a long time, this is the tympanic membrane will be strongly shaken, once the rupture of the deafness will follow. Telephone porridge and long-term wear of headphones are a kind of subtle noise pollution. At first, their damage to the ear is almost invisible, but in the long run, it will be exposed to magnetic radiation, ear pollution, damage, etc. Deafness factor.

2, foreign body stimulation. Tobacco and alcohol, spicy, grilled, marinated, hot and other irritating foods, once used excessively, the ears will be severely irritated, affecting the microcirculation in the ear, resulting in deafness health problems.

3, foreign objects are inserted into the ear canal. Parents should educate children not to put beans, beads and pits into the ear canal. In the case of mosquitoes or other insects flying into or crawling into the ear, do not use the device to remove directly, and apply wine or oil, drip into the ear to quickly drown or kill the bug and then take it out.

4, pinching your nose and slamming. If you don’t rub your nose properly, you may get your nose and nose in your middle ear. The correct way is to hold down one side of the nostrils with your fingers and divide the luck. The pressure should not be too large. One side is finished and the other side is smashed.

5, dig ear. As the saying goes: “The ear is not digging,” there is a certain truth. Because it may cause damage to the wall of the ear canal, it will seriously hurt the middle ear and inner ear, causing deafness.

6, tympanic membrane after traumatic perforation, rinse or use ear drops. The correct way is to block the outer ear canal with a sterile cotton ball to prevent invasion by foreign bacteria.

7, too much pressure. Nowadays, the competition in the society is fierce. Some young people often have to bear the burden of work stress and learning pressure. They are highly nervous. Once they are not recognized by others, their emotions are quite low. If they continue for a long time, the nervous regulation in the ear will be weak. There is a deafness phenomenon.

8, drug poisoning. Because young people are busy with study and work, and there is no time to go to the hospital for treatment after health problems, it is the most common method for them to go to the pharmacy to buy medicines. This will lead to drug poisoning, some containing toxic ingredients. The medicine will be eaten by mistake. Because the dosage is not large, the whole body will not have serious health problems, but the organs in the ear are tender and sensitive, which leads to sudden deafness.

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