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Hearing aid maintenance

The lifespan of hearing aids varies from person to person. Why do you say this?

Hearing aid maintenance

First look at what causes the hearing aid damage:

1. Ear damage

Blockage of ear wax is the main cause of damage to expensive receivers. Chinese earwax is generally dry. Normally during normal speech, chewing, walking, most of the earwax will gradually vibrate out of the ear canal due to vibration, but some will remain in the ear canal, especially when wearing custom. After the machine, the ear canal is blocked, the earwax can not fall out normally, and the earwax can’t go to the receiver hole of the custom machine. The light makes the sound lighter, and the seriousness causes the receiver to be seriously blocked and damaged. Come to unnecessary losses.

Regular cleaning of the receiver hole requires the dealer and the user to work together. Do not underestimate the small earwax, which may bring you huge losses and inconvenience. Cleaning the earwax according to the instructions in the manual will not take much time, but it can save you a lot of maintenance costs and avoid the pain of inorganic wear.

Ear damage

2. Hazards of water vapor

One of the biggest enemies of hearing aids is water vapor. It is generally known that water vapor will enter and accumulate inside the hearing aid from the gap between the battery compartment door and various adjustment knobs, affecting the internal wiring of the hearing aid, causing the volume of the internal cavity of the custom machine casing to store moisture, corrosive movement and internal wiring. Therefore, in normal use, be careful not to let the water vapor in the surrounding environment enter the hearing aid, such as adjusting the hearing aid with wet hands or showering the rain.

Water vapor also enters the receiver cavity from the receiver hole of the custom machine, and the hazards are less well known. In the southern part of China, the period of high temperature is very long in the whole year. Therefore, it is often necessary to wash and shower to become a daily homework. Generally, after bathing in the shower, a small amount of water is inevitably splashed into the ear canal. A normal person’s ear canal will have a little water to evaporate quickly, but if the deaf person wears a custom machine without drying in the ear canal, it will completely block the water between the custom machine and the eardrum. In the channel space, the water becomes water vapor after being heated, enters the cavity of the receiver, and then gradually cools and accumulates into liquid water. The extremely small parts in the receiver are continuously immersed, and the receiver is damaged, and the sound is abnormal. Reimbursement of the receiver.

It is important to note that it is important to keep the ear canal dry. When the hearing aid is not in use, it should be placed in the desiccant to suck the water vapor from the machine, which will bring a very long service life to your hearing aid.

Hearing aid waterproof

3. Impact damage

Hearing aids are very afraid of falling like quartz watches, because the components in the hearing aids are connected by very small wires, which are very easy to break after being impacted. Especially the receiver is due to its structural relationship, the internal sounding vibrating reeds and thimbles are very It is easy to shift and deform after impact, causing distortion or silence.

In the production process of the receiver, if the receiver falls from a height before the packaging, the only way to deal with it is to scrap, and the receiver is not resistant to shock. After the receiver is installed in the hearing aid casing, although the impact resistance is improved, it is still highly important to prevent the impact from falling. Due to its small size, the custom machine is easier to slip off the hands when wearing or removing, so be sure to pay attention to these points.

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