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Hearing aid battery life

“How long can a battery last?”

Many users ask this question when purchasing a hearing aid battery. In fact, no accurate answer can be applied to all hearing aid wearers. Foreign surveys show that the individual life of the battery varies greatly, and the user feedback time can only fall within a very wide range. The same 312 battery has some 12 days, and some have only a short 3 day. .

Therefore, the best way to understand the battery life is to use the following five factors to calculate according to the user’s usage habits.

First, the degree of hearing loss

The heavier the hearing loss, the greater the amount of power that needs to be consumed in the amplified portion, and the shorter the battery life.

Second, the sound environment factors

Surrounding noise can affect battery life, and the quiet library environment consumes less power than noisy restaurants or rock concerts. In addition, if the volume of the hearing aid is adjusted to “maximum”, the battery’s power will be consumed prematurely.

Third, personal habits

Battery usage days are generally estimated using 8 hours per day. In fact, different wearers use different lengths of time a day, and the same wearer does not use the same length of time every day. In short, the longer you use each day, the fewer days you can use.

Fourth, hearing aid function differences

The more advanced the hearing aid, the higher the battery requirements. Some common digital functions, such as wireless functions, FM device usage, work indicators, work beeps, and function buttons, increase power consumption when turned on. This is undoubtedly an important reason for the shortened battery life.

According to the power consumption from small to large, the following figure lists the power requirements of some advanced hearing aids (mAh). It can be seen that the power consumption of using advanced functions has risen sharply compared to simple work. So, if you use the wireless function of a hearing aid, the battery life will of course be much shorter than when the hearing aid is simple to work.

V. Natural environmental factors

When the humidity is lowered, the battery may be shortened due to being too dry.

When the temperature is lowered, the battery voltage is lowered to cause a shortened life.

When the humidity is too high, the battery may interfere with normal discharge due to moisture.

When the altitude is raised, the decrease in oxygen in the air increases power consumption.

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