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How much does a hearing aid generally cost?

Jinghao medical hearing and hearing aid locks have been engaged in hearing rehabilitation for more than 20 years. Hearing aid fittings all over the country will encounter customers almost every day asking similar questions: How much is the hearing aid? What price is the hearing aid? Please recommend 2 hearing aid.. ..

The price of hearing aids ranges from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan and tens of thousands of yuan. It depends on the specific hearing loss of hearing-impaired patients and the needs of their hearing. It is not the more expensive, the better, suitable for patients. It is good.

If you are choosing a hearing aid for children or young people, due to the growing requirements of speech growth or study and work, it is recommended to buy at least mid-range (5000 yuan/set) hearing aids. If economic conditions permit, try to buy high-end hearing aids. .

As the elderly age, the demand for work and study is reduced. Relatively speaking, the requirements for hearing aids are not as high as that of children and young people. Most elderly people are eligible for an economical hearing aid of about 3000, or a mid-range hearing aid of about 5000. If the elderly only ask for the basic dialogue problem, the economic situation is generally or not willing to use more money to buy hearing aids, you can choose a popular hearing aid from 1000. Some elderly people have very poor hearing conditions (for example, hearing is heavy, the listening curve is complex, and the speech recognition rate is low). Some elderly people have higher hearing needs (for example, like listening to Beijing opera and pulling erhu). Hearing aids are more suitable.

In general, professional hearing tests and comprehensive hearing aid assessments are important for hearing impaired hearing aids. Usually, hearing aid chain agencies with a long history and complete network of outlets can do this. They will determine whether it is suitable for wearing hearing aids or the right hearing aids for the hearing impaired according to the actual situation of the hearing impaired, and keep the long-term with the customers. After-sales tracking ensures that hearing aids produce good hearing aids for customers.

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