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How to make the hearing aid better?

Many families and friends with hearing loss mistakenly believe that wearing a hearing aid may result in normal hearing. Like our normal people, no matter what kind of environment, they can hear clearly. They hope that hearing loss can be immediately seen after wearing a hearing aid. To solve long-term problems. In fact, wearing a hearing aid requires a process of adaptation in different environments. After three months, it will slowly wear better, just the beginning of the hearing rehabilitation process.

To be a successful hearing aid wearer requires a lot of effort, including getting used to new sounds and changes in tone, including self-confidence when re-establishing communication. Friends and family should be considerateHearing lossIn order to overcome the difficulties of communication, people gradually help them overcome difficulties and can give them great help.

Hearing aid effect

Ways to help hearing aid users talk easily include:

(1) Let users focus first and listen to the sound while watching the message.

(2) Whether standing or sitting down to face the hearing loss patient, or next to the ear where they wear the hearing aid, this will work better and the hearing aid is directional.

(3) Speak clearly, don’t spit out foreign objects such as food or cigarettes. This will affect the patient’s ability to see the mouth shape. It is best to slow down when speaking, and speak clearly, without loudness, not loud enough to hear clearly.

(4) Use gestures and facial expressions to help understand, or to talk about everyday life.

(5) Reduce background noise if necessary (for example, turn off the TV or radio, or close the door to reduce noise). When you wear it for the first time, you can’t adjust the sound of the hearing aid too much, slowly increase it a bit, and slowly adapt to various The sound of the environment.

(6) Avoid talking to more than one person at the same time. It is best to talk to one person or two people alone. Don’t talk to two people at the same time, so the patient will not hear.

(7) In restaurants and other noisy environments, try to keep hearing aid users away from noise sources, turn the hearing aids down, or activate a noisy environment program, which will work better.

These are some meticulous and easy things to do in daily life. I hope that these small hands-on things can help the hearing impaired, let the hearing impaired adapt to the hearing aid as soon as possible, and let them return to the sound world as soon as possible.

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