Why should hearing aids be fitted?

Hearing aids are tools that help people listen. As an important means of rehabilitation for deaf patients, wearing hearing aids has become the first choice for solving human hearing impairment. But do you know that the optional hearing aid must be fitted to a professional hearing aid service organization. Like glasses, hearing aids are another kind of human physiological function aid that needs to be “fitted”.

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The first is because people’s hearing impairments vary widely. Taking the elderly as an example: different types of deafness, different levels of hearing impairment, whether there are tinnitus, fear of loudness, and how to distinguish the language, etc., lead to different hearing differences. Different hearing loss requires different adjustments to the hearing aid.

In fact, even people with the same nature and degree of hearing impairment may have different feelings. These differences may be related to living habits, work environment, subjective tolerance, and so on. Feeling different, the requirements for hearing aids are of course different.

Secondly, the hearing aid itself has a wide range of brands and models. For the user, which one is more suitable for their actual needs is a very professional problem that the user can’t solve on his own. Only the professional can make a choice. For example, how should patients with hearing loss and strong allergies choose hearing aids? If they emphasize amplification, they will feel the sounds are unbearable; emphasis on strong compression will cause the signal to be not true enough. How to solve such contradictions is One of the important tasks of the hearing aid fitter.

Obviously, the user’s hearing condition is fully consistent with the performance of the selected hearing aid to achieve the best hearing aid. Different hearing impairments require different performance hearing aids, and fitting is the necessary bridge to connect different users and different performance hearing aids.

Assuming that the hearing aid is not fitted, what happens when you buy one at a store or a pharmacy? In most cases, it is not only difficult to use the hearing aid without using the hearing aid, but it is more likely to damage the user.Residual hearing, resulting in more and more embarrassing. In view of this, the hearing aid must be professionally fitted to be worn with confidence, and only after proper fitting can the role of the hearing aid be truly realized.

Finally, advise everyone that hearing aids are Class II medical devices. The state implements a strict licensing system for the services of the industry. In order to ensure that appropriate hearing aids are worn, don’t go to the store or pharmacy counters to “buy” lightly, and don’t think you’re listening now. The effect is good, there will be no mistakes in the future, you must go to the professional hearing aid service center to “fit”.

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