Noise, tinnitus, do you understand?

Noise deafness has been heard by everyone, so noisey tinnitus?

Noise Tinnitus Its sounds may be various complex sounds such as snoring, roaring, humming, belling, etc., and these sounds are always changing. Its sound may be intermittent, or it may be continuous or pulsating. Under normal circumstances, most of the noise tinnitus suffers from deafness. Tinnitus is an intractable disease. The mechanism of occurrence is still unknown, and basically all ear diseases may produce tinnitus.

When we are in a noisy environment for a long time, it can cause tinnitus, and this type is called noise tinnitus.

Our noise can basically be divided into industrial production noise, traffic noise, construction noise and social life noise.

For most of us, traffic noise and social life noise are the most exposed.

Noise tinnitus

Traffic noise is like the sound of motorcycles, big trucks, railways, airplanes, ships, etc. These noises are harmful to us, but not very serious, like airplanes and motorcycles, on your head.Biu~It’s gone, you can avoid it when you hear one ear, but it won’t be too long, but if you live on the side of the road, you may have a headache. The horn of the car can’t be underestimated. In the case, it is best to have noise-cancelling headphones at home, or to have soundproofing in your home.

Next is the noise of social life. I think this kind of noise is the most frequent type of contact, especially the young people nowadays, the young men of ten or twenty years old, the little girls are the most energetic time, every day for learning or I’m busy with work, and when I’m on a rest day, I’m sure I’ll be pulling a few friends.KtvOr bar 蹦di, and the noise in this place can be reached95~105dbNot only will it affect your own hearing, but it will also interfere with the rest of nearby residents.

Industrial production noise, including the noise generated by the production equipment in the workshop, can generally be achieved.75~105dbConstruction noise refers to the noise generated by pile drivers, bulldozers, concrete mixers, etc.90dbthat’s all.

So how do we prevent it?

The best way is to control the source of noise and solve the problem from the source. If this is said, it is mostly unrealistic. Whether you live on the road or live in the construction site, you have no strong method control. They don’t make noise, and they retire ten thousand steps. You can’t even make a square dance aunt. How do you get this?

Therefore, we can only change our strategy. We always keep ear sound insulation equipment at home, such as earplugs, earmuffs and other soundproofing equipment, to reduce the time we are exposed to noise, and to say a noise to the noise, you will not leave me.

At the same time, we should pay attention to eating high-ton, high-salt and high-oil foods during the daily diet. This kind of food will not only lead to hypertension and diabetes, but also accelerate the progress of deafness and tinnitus in the elderly. Eat more foods rich in vitamins, zinc, iron and calcium, as well as those that can have blood circulation, such as black fungus, leek, black sesame and so on.

Then when we have tinnitus, remember not to take medicine! This is very important. I found that the tinnitus does not go to the hospital and go to the hospital for examination. It is the king of the doctor. If you take medicine, it will only lead to increased tinnitus, especially those ototoxic drugs. It is your own time to suffer. .

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