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Correctly look at the role of hearing aids

How does a hearing aid, which is essentially an amplifying device, aid hearing?

First, the hearing aid can amplify the sound signal to maximize the user’s perception of the sound. We all have this kind of experience, too small a sound is not easy to hear;

Secondly, the hearing aid can selectively amplify the sound of different frequencies according to the user’s hearing loss (for example, for patients with high frequency hearing loss, high frequency and more amplification; for patients with low frequency hearing loss, more amplified low frequency) ), strive to ensure that users can hear and try to hear;

The role of hearing aids

Third, most hearing aids focus on amplifying language frequencies, with a focus on language communication;

Fourth, with some special circuits, some hearing aids can also amplify large sounds as needed while amplifying weak sounds. Thanks to the above functions, hearing aids benefit most users.

  然而,助听器又非”万能”,做不到十全十美,也解决不了耳聋患者存在的全部问题。比如,正常听觉的高频上限是20000Hz,而助听器的频响范围能到8000Hz就己经很不错了,对频率超过8000Hz的声音很少反应。从这个意义上讲,耳聋患者无论戴用多好的助听器也不会获得比正常人更好的听力。因此,认为戴用助听器就不再有Hearing disorderThe idea is totally unrealistic.

Objectively speaking, hearing aids are indeed effective, but the role of hearing aids is limited. This phenomenon is somewhat like wearing a denture (denture). If you don’t have a denture, you can’t deal with it. If you have a denture, you can’t get a hard bone.

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