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Should the hearing aid be worn one or two?

Should the hearing aid be worn by one or two? The experts particularly emphasize that the hearing aid must be worn two as long as conditions permit. Wearing hearing aids in both ears conforms to the laws of hearing science. It allows both sides of the brain to simultaneously receive sound information from both ears, producing a “stereo” effect. Contribute to sound localization, help to eliminate environmental acoustic interference, and help to improve and restore “selective” hearing ability. And invisibly added decibel sound output, more importantly:

Wearing a hearing aid

1, binaural hearing aids can have a sense of direction. Scientific research has shown that people’s auricles have different effects on sounds from different directions. Each side of the ear has a range of zero degrees to 120 degrees directly in front of it, which is the best place to listen. Because of this feature, in the case of multiple sound sources, the correct direction of the sound source can be determined by rotating the head and the ears to different volume levels perceived by the same sound and the time the sound is transmitted to the brain, but only The situation of a single ear is different.

2 and binaural hearing aids are available for selective hearing. When listening to the sound signal in both ears, the person can determine the exact direction of the sound source by the difference in the volume and sound signal arrival time perceived by the same ear, so that you can concentrate on listening to a certain sound. In the case of only one ear, since the direction of the sound cannot be discerned, only the tone can be listened to. However, due to the high sound pressure in different acoustic signals, the low sound pressure can be suppressed, so the single ear can not hear the sound. We can do an experiment: when there are many people talking, we will record at the same time, and then ask the parties to listen to the recording again. As a result, we will find that due to the high sound pressure at the same time, the voice is suppressed by the low sound pressure. Can’t hear.

3, binaural hearing aids can increase speech recognition. In practice, we can find that most people can increase their speech recognition ability when listening to both ears. For a small number of people with poor speech recognition, it is very valuable to increase the recognition ability of 5%.

4, binaural hearing aids can reduce the power of the hearing aid and better protect the hearing. When wearing a hearing aid with both ears, the output power of 5dB can be reduced separately. For the hearing impaired person, one is to protect his residual hearing; the other is to reduce the noise by reducing the output power, which is for the person wearing the hearing aid. It is beneficial.

5, binaural hearing aids can better restore the physiological functions of the human ear. This mainly refers to the hearing function and speech recognition ability of the bilateral ears, and returns to the normal state.

6, binaural hearing aids can avoid single-sided hearing loss. The wearing of the hearing aids in both ears can avoid the diminished use of the contralateral ear hearing function which is easily caused by the hearing aid on one side.

7, users can have a more reliable insurance factor. For example, when the hearing aid of one ear is faulty, there can be another side to ensure the work.

8, binaural hearing aids, can be used more flexibly. For example, when one side is uncomfortable, it can be exchanged; when one side of the ear disease recurs, there can be another side protection.

9, the vast majority of hearing impaired people want to wear two. This is true even for users who are not satisfied with existing hearing aids. Because wearing ears

Experience with 10, developed countries and regions has proven that hearing aids should be used in both ears. For example, in the United States, Canada and other European countries, even more than 90% of hearing aid users in Taiwan are using both ears.

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