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How to adapt to hearing aids

There are often users who ask similar questions: “When you wear a hearing aid, you often feel confused. Is there any way for me to adapt to the hearing aid as soon as possible?”


In fact, whether your hearing loss is mild or serious, wearing a hearing aid requires an initial process from acceptance to adaptation.

The length of the adaptation period varies from person to person and usually requires patient training for two to three months –

Adaptive hearing aid

1. Identify sound

In the first few weeks, don’t use hearing aids in noisy public places such as supermarkets. Instead, listen to the sound of surrounding single tones, such as knocking, in a quiet environment, depending on the frequency range of the hearing aid, from low to high. Doors, walks, drawers, doorbells, knocking pots, car whistle, etc.

2. Communicate with people

In a quiet environment, chat with familiar people with simple sentences, such as greetings, to avoid rushing for success and losing confidence.

3. Adapted to noisy

Communicate in a complex environment, you will hear a lot of sound signals, which will interfere with your ability to distinguish sounds. At this time, you can adjust the low volume appropriately, and choose a familiar place from relatively quiet to noisy, such as choosing a bookstore, a movie theater, a restaurant, and a supermarket store, and gradually enhance the ability to distinguish sounds in noisy.

4. Normal hearing

You can answer the phone of an acquaintance, communicate with the other party with simple sentences, or watch TV news repeatedly, listen to the replay content, gradually adapt to the sound of the hearing aid, learn to use the hearing aid to make calls, watch TV, and create a normal hearing life activity.

Only after completing these four steps can we really adapt to the hearing aids we wear.

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