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What to do if the elderly wear a hearing aid

Due to the pathological and physiological characteristics of senile deafness and the limitations of electroacoustic performance of hearing aids, these aspects seriously affect the hearing aid effect, which makes the elderly have a certain gap between the economic input of hearing aids and the return of hearing aids. It is difficult to meet the hearing aids of some patients. Too high expectations, thus causing certain psychosocial problems, which in turn affects the hearing rehabilitation of the elderly. To this end, after the selection of hearing aids, the matching personnel should explain to the elderly patients the hearing characteristics of the senile sputum and the related hearing aid knowledge, and conduct appropriate counseling training, so that the elderly are willing to accept the hearing aid and improve the hearing aid effect. And the quality of rehabilitation.

(1) Introducing the auditory characteristics of senile deafness to the elderly Introduce the auditory characteristics of senile deafness, which is conducive to the reasonable expectation of the elderly for hearing aids, and patiently and consciously conduct adaptive training. Also. The understanding, education, advanced thinking, and physical energy decline of the elderly are also factors that affect the hearing aid effect.

(2) Instructing the elderly to learn to place hearing aids and adjust the various function buttons on the hearing aids. Some elderly people, because the hearing aids are placed incorrectly, produce harsh sounds and howling, and are not willing to wear hearing aids. After matching the hearing aids, patiently guide the elderly repeatedly. It is easy to overcome the uncomfortable feeling by operating the placement method until the elderly can place it correctly. Explain to the elderly the functions of the functional parts on the hearing aids and teach them how to adjust them to make the hearing aids perform better. For example, the adjustment of the volume should be sounded to be comfortable and can be heard clearly. Avoid loudening the sound and generating noise amplification and re-vibration.

(3) Counseling the elderly to master the methods of adapting to hearing aids and communicating with people Language is the high-level neurological activity of the human brain. Its acceptance and cognition is the active process of human beings. Through the appropriate training for the elderly, the comprehensive potential can be developed. Overcoming the early hearing discomfort and hearing imperfections of hearing aids, improving social communication skills and enhancing hearing aids.

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