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How to save cost for shipping glasses case

How to save cost for shipping glasses case

Many optical shop owners and small and medium-sized glasses brand owners are more and more caring about wrapping their own brand by glasses case, but because of the most of glasses case are very big, especially sunglasses case, the cost of transportation has been a worth considering problem, especially some small and medium-sized brand owners from European and American regions, they won’t wholesale glasses case too much at one time, so the prefer to use air shipping or by courier, but shipping cost even higher than goods valve. so how should we do to avoid this problem, I believe you will have answer after reading this article.

Plan-1:Centralized Shipping

As the name implies, it means ship the cases to frames factory first and then pack and ship together.Then it can save almost half of shipping and custom cost.Because only need custom frames and put case as free package.If you purchase in China, it will be very convenience, because China has the world’s most advanced logistics system.
delivery glasses case


1.Whether ship case to frames factory or ship frames to case factory, pay attention to the trading term is not EXW , because EXW means you have to arrange picking up goods from the factory, it is not include any delivery cost,You’d better choose  FCA or CPT , then one of them will arrange shipping goods to another factory to avoid unnecessary troubles. 2. When entrusting the factory for repacking, because the package is considered for shipment, the product is likely to be directly sold on the shelf. Therefore, we must make full use of China’s cheap labor resources. When entrusting repackaging, we should also entrust the third party to send All the eyeglass cases coming through are inspected. At the same time, the inspection precautions should be explained with the eyeglass case supplier or the eyeglass factory, and more inspection products should be prepared to prevent incomplete goods caused by the defective rate. Because when the factory is doing the repackaging stage, it is already in the customs declaration process, and the number of customs declarations must be consistent with the number of products before shipment.
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Plan-2: DDP Trading method

The so-called DDP is described in detail as: Delivered Duty Paid. The main expression is that the carrier sends the goods to the delivery place designated by the customer and delivers the goods after tax payment. Generally speaking, this kind of delivery method has to mention DDU. Although it looks similar, it is quite different. Because the most important difference between them is whether the carrier has paid all taxes and fees and bears all risks. In other words, if the DDU delivery method is selected, the seller only needs to bear all the freight and risks for the delivery of the goods to the customer’s designated destination, and the buyer shall bear the duties, taxes, and other official costs payable on import, Although these costs do not necessarily need to be paid immediately by the buyer, if you are found to have tax evasion, the risk is still high. And if you choose the DDP trade method, the buyer does not need to worry about all the problems of its goods, they just need to use them or sell them again. Just like domestic trading. The biggest advantage of choosing this method of trading is that a buyer and a seller have agreed on a DDP price, and the seller will try to bargain with the transporter to reduce the price as much as possible to reduce the logistics cost to the minimum. Buyers do not have any pressure and unnecessary operations.


Customers who choose the DDP trading method should pay attention to the quantity when placing an order. Generally, the number of hard glasses case is about 50,000 (which is exactly a full container of 40 feet). In fact, there are also 20 feet containers, but why the author does not recommend. Well, if there are less than 50,000 glasses cases, other customs declarations and miscellaneous charges will still be collected by local customs, and the final price will be expensive too. Therefore, this method is more suitable for small and medium-sized traders who have good demand for the purchase of glasses cases, but who are not very good at international tradeing.
DDU glasses case

Plan-3:Chose the new style glasses case

This scheme is accepted by more and more glasses brand owners now,  along with the development of the glasses packaging industry, lightweight and folding glasses case are  gradually pushed to the stage of history, and then we will tally up what kind of case can be choose.

1. Folding glasses case

The invention of foldable glasses case was sensational, this kind of case can not only reduce logistic costs, but also increase the capacity of purchasing  and carrying , because we don’t need case when wearing glasses, so if case is too big or too heavy, people usually do not carry it.But if the case can be folded, then will not only occupy little space, so they are very willing to buy such cases. The author search “folding glasses case”on Google , find a supplier called MINMO on the front page position .Click to enter and found the suppliers have many styles of  folding case, typically cost is around $1.
folding glasses case MINMO
And most of this case is triangle, compressive strength and stability is very good, to be surprised, there are also a lot of paper folding glasses cases.At the same time the author search out some folding glasses case on alibaba, but the author has selectively phobia, and unable to distinguish between relative merits, so don’t recommend buying in alibaba.
folding glasses case

2. Plastic glasses case

The characteristics of this kind of glasses case is light and its price is is cheaper, the selling price cannot be too high, because very few people will pay for a plastic glasses case, unless its design is excellent or awe.But fortunately, the author found impressive plastic eyeglasses case from MINMO website, I live in Germany now and opened three stores here, really want to know who purchased the plastic case, then I can wholesale printed with my LOGO, it will be very popular.
clear glasses case

3、 Glasses pouch

Compared to glasses cases, glasses bag actually can not protect the frames very well. But it is extremely cheap.The average price average less than $0.3 and easy to storage, Many friends around me who do glasses business will order them together with traditional eyeglasses case. But when it comes to the role of glasses bag, is also a very wide range, because glasses bag its popular name is “POUCH”, is widely refers to the small cloth bag, and not only can hold glasses products, so to purchase more of this kind of goods will be no harmless, after all, it’s very easy to sell.


Better choose supplier who rank in the top on google searching, because it is a mixed up market now. One of my friend picked a supplier from a trading website, not only delay delivery time, but also seized by customs because of environmental problem, more harm than good. Sourcing from:

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