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Is the custom glasses case really expensive?

      Now more and more eyewear brands and optical shops like to custom glasses cases,cutomize the brand, address and phone number of their own brand or optical shop on the surface and lining of the glasses case.
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     Generally speaking, when we talk about cutomizing, many people think that it will be expensive, but is it really? So our author would having a investigate today. First, we came to an optical shop. The optical shop used a non-customized glasses case. The owner said that the purchase price of these glasses cases is about 0.35usd/psc, but these glasses case has less styles, and not very beautiful, the most are hard glasses cases. Then the author came to the second optical shop. The glasses case sold here having a trademark of the optical shop on the case, but the styles were mostly less, and most of them was hard glasses case. It is understood that the purchase price of the glasses case of this optical shop is mostly around 0.5usd/psc, but the trademark on the surface of case is not well matched with the eyeglass case. After coming out of this store, the author came to the third optical shop. The owner of this shop is very proud to show his customized glasses case that he ordered from MINMO company. the author said that is a eyeglass case manufacturer, yes these eyeglass case are very really beautiful, and there are many customized styles from the simple hard eyeglass case to leather glasses case, and the customized optical shop logo and the various glasses case are very harmonious and design. After the owner introduced, this eyeglass case custom manufacturer called MINMO glasses has a strong design team, they can grab the core content from the trademark elements of various optical shops, and then reorganize the content, and finally design a perfect and coordinated custom glasses case. So, do you know what price of customizing for these glasses cases? The owner was kept secret at first. but after repeated questioning by the author, him finally said the truth. These glasses case are not expensive at all, it’s cheap! the average price of the hard eyeglass case is around 0.6usd/psc. And the styles are much better than the ordinary glasses case on the market. It seems that ordering a good-looking eyeglass case is not as expensive as you might think. So where can I order? After negotiation, the boss gave us a website, you can contact the company and will get a reback very soon. Sourcing from:

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