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What kind of glasses cases are high-grade

What kind of glasses cases are high-grade

Nowadays, more and more glasses cases are beautiful and fashionable, but it is hard to say its with high grade. So what kind of glasses case can be considered as high grade, let’s analyze together.

1、 Expensive means high-end?

In many people’s view,  high price means high-end, but not all expensive things are exquisite and with good quality. Some clothes and shoes are made of general materials and can be sold to consumers at high price by attaching big-name labels. These are so-called fakes. There are many fakes around us, and also for glasses case. When we go to the optical shop and see the expensive case as high-grade, because of the price, it will also limit the desire for some people to buy, and when we ignore the price itself to see its appearance, we really think it is upscale? Do we really think its style value the price?

2、 Good looking means high-end?

When we go to the mall and will see a beautiful clothes at a glance, and the price is high, we will think that all the good-looking items are high-end, but won’t we encounter beautiful clothes when we visit a small shop? When we see friends who take glasses out of the case, they will think that it as a high-end case because it’s exquisite. But usually it’s cheap, not high-end brand. Therefore, it’s a wrong opinion. Some are cheap case without brands also have a lot of good-looking styles. However, most of them are with poor quality, and it will be damaged within a short time. Do you still think it is upscale in this situation?

3、 Good materials means high-end?

Some people will pursuit quality and think that the use of top-quality glasses cases are all high-end. Their quality is guaranteed, but these cases are not exquisite. Some are traditional black styles. This type of case appears to many people as an ordinary case. We can only see its appearance but don’t know its material, we don’t know much about these materials, those who understand it will think it is a high-end case, and for people who only care about the shape, it is a simple, unattractive case. Most people even know that it has super high quality, but when seeing its mundane style then will not think it as a high-end case

4、 Famous brand means high-end?

Many big-name luxury goods are speculated, these things are both fashionable and expensive. Most people think that big-name eyeglass cases are high-end, and some people are happy to buy them. Does the big brand really use the best materials? their quality can be guaranteed? I believe that many people who have used big names will hard to answer this question, and some people find that after using them, big names do not have their advantages over ordinary brands of good quality. I think a high-end eyeglass case is not only reflected in the brand price and appearance, but also should pay attention to its quality issues. Customers who have paid a high price for it should let them see real high-quality products.

5、 Used by super-star means high-end?

Now many people who chase the stars will think that the eyeglasses carried by them are high-end. These people will even buy the same models from various channels. What we do n’t know is that these things may be produced by a small factory. Finally, it was posted with the same star label. Some celebrities like to use expensive boxes of big brands. When we see it in the hands of celebrities, they will look good and have characteristics, but when we really buy it, will we really feel that it looks better than other cases? Just like a piece of clothing, the effect of wearing it on the star and ourselves will be obvious. These glasses cases have been upgraded by the star.

6、 MINMO’s case means high-end?

Some people who know the Chinese glasses case market will know some factories more or less. Danyang Optical City is located in China and even the world’s professional eyewear market, leading the new trend of the Chinese eyewear market. In many places and even abroad customers will come to Danyang to buy glasses. These customers will buy glasses cases when they wholesale their glasses. When they see that the glasses city’s case is a style rigid case, they will find a variety of glasses cases factory. Finally, they locked the Mingmou factory. It has a variety of cases, not only hard cases, plastic cases, handmade cases, folding cases, but also soft leather glasses cases, eyeglass cases. After customers use it, they think the case is of good quality and looks like It is also beautiful, and you will think that it is a high-end case, but it is not a big brand. People who do n’t know well will think it is high-end? In summary, if a spectacle case has only one of the above characteristics, it is not considered as high-end. When the case has the following characteristics, it can be regarded as a high-end and perfect case. One is using high-quality materials, the second is exquisite design, the third is expensive, the fourth is excellent brand, and the fifth is favored by many celebrities.

So where can we buy such a glasses case?

1、 Visiting Spectacles shop

The reporter visited some glasses shops in the streets of Paris. The glasses here are very exquisite, but the glasses case was not displayed. When the reporter and the store salesman chatted, they learned that the cases are hidden under the counter. When the clerk turned out the case, the reporter found that they were all hard cases, and there was no brand, which looked cheaper. Later, the reporter visited an optical store in London and found that only a small number of glasses cases were placed on the counter in this optical store, most of which were used to set off the glasses. These cases are big brands with high prices, and they are not very exquisite, but its brand has enhanced its value.

2、 Visiting Bag-shop

Later, the reporter visited some luggage stores, and found that there were very few glasses cases, mostly women’s bags, and very few stores had cases in them, usually fine soft cases. Ordinary rigid cases and plastic cases never appear inside, which limits the choice of customers. So the reporter intends to ask the shop assistant why there are no other styles of cases. From the shop assistant’s mouth, I know that most people who buy bags and luggage rarely buy cases with glasses. They also sell soft cases because they are like wallets and can attract consumers. Everyone knows that soft glasses with soft texture can easily damage the lenses. People want to buy hard, good materials and no drop-resistant boxes. So if you want to buy a glasses case, do n’t go to the luggage store.

3、 By visit Amazon

The reporter visited some optical shops without any grain , so when I think of the online mall, we all know that this is the Internet era. Many people buy things they want on Alibaba when they do n’t want to go out. Amazon is the main cross-border e-commerce platform in various countries around the world. When countries want to shop online, they usually use Amazon, which is as complete as Alibaba. The reporter saw that there are many types of glasses cases, and the prices of big brands are also high. Because it is online, the reporter cannot touch the case, so I do n’t know what the quality is. We all know that there are many fakes online. I spent a lot of money to buy fake things home, and I will definitely be unhappy. So the reporter wanted to continue to visit other places to find better buying channels for customers.

4、 By visit wholesale market

The reporter came to the wholesale market and wanted to get a new receipt. Found that the wholesale market is almost hard case and plastic case, the price is cheap, a lot of types, the appearance is also good-looking, but touch feeling is poor. Then I learned that most of them supply to glasses city, and the glasses city needs hard glasses case are usually cheap, because the case they need to give them as free ,the store does not need to buy high-quality cases at a high price to consumers.The merchants in the wholesale market thought that the high-priced cases were hard to sell, and if they sold alone, they could not make money, so the wholesale market rarely had high-end glasses cases.

5、 By visit Chinese Factory

In the end, the reporter visited some factories in China. The big and small factories have very different kinds of eyeglass cases. Some factories have good quality and high prices, but their styles are bad. Some are very cheap. Finally, the Mingmu factory locked by the reporter, after looking at its sample room, knew that there could be so many types and styles of original bulk glasses cases. His case is slightly more expensive, exquisite in style, and good in quality. Through contact with the salesman, the reporter learned that his family not only supplies domestic products, but also many foreign customers, and also provides customized LOGOs for customers. Customers who bought the products think that his case is a good choice. The reporter successfully completed his task, and customers who want to buy glasses cases can go to MINMO
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