Online hearing aids are cheap and can you buy them?

This question was asked by a person I saw last time. I don’t know if it was asked by a marketing agency or a real hearing patient. I still choose to answer it.
My simple answer to this question is the two words: No.

In fact, many of us know that when we have myopia in my eyes, I have to go with glasses. How do you get this process? You have to go to the optical shop to have glasses after optometry, but not many people know when wearing hearing aids. And many people are also vague about the price of hearing aids. I think that hundreds of pieces are almost as good as thousands of dollars. In fact, this is not the case.

Online shopping hearing aid

The first thing you buy online is that the hearing aid you bought does not match your own hearing loss. It’s like you.200Degree of glasses with a600The most intuitive feeling of the glasses is uncomfortable, uncomfortable, and wearing for a long time will cause further damage to the hearing.

The hearing aids purchased online are not guaranteed. Some people here will say it, not another.7Is there no reason to return it? amount. . . This is a hearing aid, not a snack to eat.7day?7The problem can be caused by the day when it is made, or if it is too inappropriate for you to use. The hearing aid is only just after the end of the fitting. You need to debug it. You need to take care of it. The problem, you need to repair it. This kind of hearing aid purchased online is not guaranteed. Generally, the professional professional matching center, if you buy the product on his side, he will definitely give you a free maintenance and repair service within one year. of. And if you have a problem with the online purchase, you can only go to the hearing aid store around you to repair it. The price will not be low.

Online shopping hearing aid

Another point, you can’t guarantee that the hearing aid brand is genuine. In this mixed-hear hearing aid market, there are many unscrupulous merchants who sell the refurbished machine for secondary use. You bought this refurbished machine online. It is difficult to verify, can only say that they have suffered from a loss of mildew, and such hearing aids are not effective, life is also very short, the general hearing aid life is8To10Year, good maintenance can be achieved10More than a year, and there can only be one such hearing aid2.3The life expectancy is even shorter.

I have only mentioned a few major big problems here. There may be other minor problems. I will not elaborate on them. Therefore, products such as hearing aids should not be bought online. Online shopping is convenient, but there are always Those bad merchants have seized this point to earn our money. The hearing aids are recommended to go to professional fitting centers or specialty stores to buy. Those places can guarantee quality and after-sales. Don’t fall into the pit for greed and cheap. It is.

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