Is deafness really boring?

Some people are not very clear about the gap between deafness and hearing loss.

Some people feel that they are deaf to hear nothing, but in reality it is not like this. In theory, when our hearing loss is reached120When we decibel, we can become full.

The cause of deafness is quite complicated. There are congenital and acquired factors. After deafness, there will be inaudible phenomena. At this time, we can’t take medicine indiscriminately. If you accidentally eat ototoxic drugs, it is It will cause a further decline in hearing.

Therefore, when we find that we have hearing loss, we should go to the hospital to do a hearing test to determine the degree and condition of our hearing loss. After the results of the examination, the doctor will tell you what the reason is and how much. You need to pay attention to what you need to do on weekdays, and then ask the doctor if you need to wear a hearing aid. If the doctor says it is necessary, you have to pay attention to your hearing.

When you choose a hearing aid, we need to go to the offline fitting center for professional fitting. Remember to listen, try several models, several brands of hearing aids, choose one that you sound the most. Clear and comfortable to wear.


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