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Why are hearing aids so expensive?

Many hearing loss patients who come with hearing aids complain about why hearing aids are so expensive, how high the price of hearing aids is, and so on.

In fact, hearing aids are very expensive from the invention! ! !

The first hearing aid was made by American scientists.bellto1878Invented in the year, then the price of the world’s first hearing aids sold during their period was quite expensive, when the hearing aid price was52 ~ 159Between the US dollars, from the perspective of our current hearing aid technology, the hearing aids of the year were actually unskilled, that is, a loudspeaker, but there is no way, it is expensive.

Even in the United States now, they are buying a hearing aid over there.1000Dollar to4000Between the US dollars, converted into RMB is about6000To25600Between the yuan, but also the price of a single ear.

The most fundamental reason for the price of hearing aids is so expensive because of the high cost of research and development, and the cost of some high-tech digital technology.

Some of the lower-priced analog hearing aids are cheaper because they don’t have digital technology in them, so the sound they hear when they are worn is quite unclear. To put it plainly, it’s just a sound, no noise reduction, so The effects and feelings of listening are also poor.

Let’s talk about R&D costs. The price of hearing aids is very expensive. A large part of the reason is caused by R&D costs. The R&D team of hearing aids needs to use the most advanced equipment resources for R&D, so that our hearing aids can be made smarter and wear. It is more comfortable and so on.

So tell you a number, in the country’s six major hearing aid manufacturers, about every year5Billion dollars, about30100 million yuan for the development of hearing aids, you said that he can not return to the cost of selling expensive?

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