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Old people have poor hearing, can they be treated?

Most of the elderly are old, about60After the age, there will be more or less hearing loss and the phenomenon of the back of the ear. Although some people will not deliberately care about this matter, there are still some people who will affect their lives because they can’t hear the ears, so they will try their best. Go to treatment.

Then, if the elderly can’t hear well after hearing, can you recover your hearing through treatment?

There are many kinds of hearing loss, and here we will cause the most important hearing loss of the elderly hearing loss – senile deafness.

What is the definition of senile deafness? It refers to the sensation of the elderly, the symmetry of the ears, and the increasing neurological deafness. It is a bit complicated. In simple terms, with the increase of age, our auditory organs are attenuated. Therefore, our hearing will naturally decline, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

So can this type of hearing loss restore hearing through treatment?

It is a pity that senile deafness is unable to restore hearing through treatment. It can only be alleviated. What kind of medicine is used to cure deafness on the Internet? What kind of massager is nonsense, can not be treated by current medical methods, can eat some Didn’t you listen to the medicine, did you treat it with some instruments that you haven’t heard? Obviously it is unrealistic.

Since it is impossible to treat, is it necessary for our old people to enjoy their old age while they are still in an inaudible state? Can’t you recover your hearing?

Although hearing can’t be recovered, there is still a way for us to hear the sound again. That is to compensate for hearing by wearing a hearing aid.

note! What I am saying here is that compensating for hearing is not a recovery of hearing. There is a fundamental difference between the two. After wearing a hearing aid, although your hearing has not recovered, you can re-listen and hear the sound by amplifying your residual hearing. Here is a little explanation of residual hearing, which means the part of the auditory function that remains after your hearing organ is damaged. Most deaf patients will have some residual hearing more or less, and this part of the residual hearing is very important for wearing the hearing aid. If you don’t have this high-end hearing aid, you can’t hear the sound.

When we find that our own or the elderly are not very good, go to the hospital in time, check the hearing loss and the situation, and treat the hearing aid as soon as possible. In general, the shorter the hearing loss, the earlier the hearing aid is worn, and the later The better the hearing aid effect, so there is a hearing problem, don’t delay, the sooner the better the treatment.

Senile deafness

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