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What kind of hearing aid is a “good” hearing aid

When we have hearing loss, we will choose to buy a hearing aid. When we buy, we definitely want to buy a good hearing aid. So what kind of hearing aid is a “good” hearing aid?

First of all, this “good” hearing aid is not determined by the manufacturer, nor is it determined by us. It is up to you, the hearing loss patients themselves, each person’s hearing loss is different, and the hearing aid needs are different. The surrounding environment is different, and the hearing aids are not the same after wearing the hearing aids, so we have different concepts for this “good”.

If you are a mild hearing loss patient, wear a dress for you.4wYuan’s high-end machine, then what do you think will happen? Is this hearing aid a “good” hearing aid for you?

Maybe you think that this hearing aid is so expensive, the effect is definitely good, but in fact, on the contrary, first of all, you are completely unnecessary as a patient with mild hearing loss. You can’t use many functions on the hearing aid. Two points, patients with mild hearing loss communicate in a quiet environment, there is no problem, there will be no inaudible, inaudible phenomenon, so this hearing aid is completely redundant.

So this is also one of the misunderstandings of many people. The more expensive the hearing aid, the better the hearing aid effect, which is a very wrong point.

So how do you judge a hearing aid as a “good” hearing aid?

You can use these points to judge whether the hearing aid you purchased is not good.

The first point: the hearing loss patients can hear the sounds (speech, ambient sound) that are not heard by the hearing aid.

The second point: we can let our hearing loss patients recover or maintain the existing speech recognition ability, that is, to hear the sound in all kinds of environments.

The third point: you can also hear clearly in the noise environment, which is what I said above.

Fourth point: maintain a certain sound intensity, but not reach the discomfort threshold. Explain the discomfort threshold a little. Everyone has a threshold for the intensity of the sound. When you exceed this threshold, you will feel noisy and uncomfortable, but everyone’s threshold is different, so don’t be too tangled. Why are you different from others?

I want to know if you are wearing a hearing aid. You can judge your hearing aid according to the above points, so it is your own to decide whether a hearing aid is good or not.

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