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What is the difference between a hearing aid and a loudspeaker?

Even now, there are still many people who think that there is no difference between hearing aids and loudspeakers. I think that hearing aids are used to amplify sounds. Is there really no difference between hearing aids and loudspeakers?

The fact that hearing aids are equal to loudspeakers is actually true in the early decades. After all, the design concept of hearing aids was used to amplify sounds, including the current hearing aids. The principle is to amplify sounds.

The reason for this is that most of the hearing aids of that era were analog hearing aids, which were linearly amplified. The amplifier output was proportional to the input signal. The coordinates were a straight line passing through the origin, and the functions of the simulated hearing aids were also compared. A single one can only amplify the sound.

Today’s hearing aids are basically digital hearing aids. Although they are both hearing aids, it can be said that they are completely two kinds of products. The technical content difference between the two is too great. Digital hearing aids are not linearly amplified like old-fashioned hearing aids. It is a non-linear amplification, which is more complicated. Everyone is different. The popular one is that the small sound is more amplified, and the sound is less amplified. This perfectly avoids the whispering of the simulated hearing aid and the loud noise.

In terms of functionality, digital hearing aids are much more than loudspeakers.

The digital hearing aid can achieve the function of intelligent noise reduction. During the wearing process, the hearing aid actively analyzes the frequency of the signal according to the surrounding environment, and then performs the corresponding noise reduction processing. For example, you communicate with a person next to the washing machine. During the speech, the hearing aid will first talk about the noise reduction of the washing machine, then enlarge the sound of the person’s speech and then pass it into your ear. Can this loudspeaker be made?

Secondly, digital hearing aids can also improve speech recognition. There are one kind of sensorineural patients in deaf patients. Their recognition of sound frequency is declining, that is, speech recognition is low. Digital hearing aids can use spectrum lifting technology to make vowels and The difference between the consonants is more obvious, so that the speaker can improve the speech recognition of the patient, can the loudspeaker be?

The digital hearing aid can also do a listening function. It is simple to say that the hearing aid can also become an audiometer, and the patient’s hearing can be checked at any time. Do you think this loudspeaker is ok?

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