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How do children fit hearing aids?

So where can I buy a child’s hearing aid, where to buy a child’s hearing aid is better, etc. are all topics that parents care about.

The answer is:Hospital, professional fitting agency. There is no way to debug the hearing aids sold online, so parents are not recommended to buy online!


Principles of pediatric hearing aid fitting

It should begin immediately after the hearing loss is diagnosed. Even if you have mild hearing loss during your child’s study period, you should consider choosing a hearing aid to improve your hearing. Priority is given to digital hearing aids, preferably with binaural fitting.


Pediatric professional hearing aid fitting procedure

(1) assessment: Find the cause of hearing loss, assess the extent of hearing loss, and determine if a hearing aid is required.

(2) processing solution: Audiologists, parents, and family members discuss the results of assessment tests and identify priorities and difficulties for future selection and rehabilitation.

(3) Optional:Determine the type of hearing aid you need, select the appropriate hearing aid for the try-on, and finally select the most appropriate one, and sample and make the ear mold.

(4) try on:After many evaluations and adjustments, it takes 1 weeks to 1 months to adapt to hearing aids.

How to judge whether the hearing aid worn by the child is suitable

The best criterion for the suitability of a hearing aid is the response of a hearing-impaired child after wearing a hearing aid.

Suitable reaction:

Immediately after wearing the hearing aid, stop the original activity and listen to it novelly. An expression or action that looks for a sound source appears. Some responses, such as turning on TV, ringing the phone, etc. I became fond of swear words. Parents feel that their understanding of the child is enhanced.

Inappropriate response:

The child refuses to wear (should be different from fear) and turns on the hearing aid switch to immediately have a startle reflex (like being shocked). Constantly crying. The head rotates involuntarily. When an inappropriate reaction occurs, do not wear it for the time being, and ask your doctor to make adjustments. Children wearing hearing aids often need a period of adaptation. When they are around 5 years old, they should also do a pure tone audiometry to obtain a hearing curve.

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