Deaf hearing rehabilitation

(1) When performing auditory training, we must first provide a good listening environment for hearing-impaired children.

Hearing training is carried out under good hearing aid conditions. To fully understand the child’s hearing situation, let the child get used to it and like to wear a hearing aid or cochlear implant. Check whether the child’s hearing aid equipment is in good working condition before training.

Deaf hearing rehabilitation

1. Guarantees good hearing aids: Allow hearing-impaired children to wear hearing aids or cochlear implants after they wake up, and regularly check the working conditions of hearing aids, such as the battery is there? Is it working properly?

2. Initial auditory training should choose a quiet environment to avoid noise.

3. Select some music for your child to play when the child is playing, and the volume is slightly larger than the louder voice in the room.

4. Every time you interact with your child, you should talk to your child in a gentle, natural, and changing tone, tell the child what you are doing, or call the child’s name and communicate with him.

5. When performing speechural training, you should sit on the side of the child’s better hearing compensation and keep the conversation within 1 meters.

(2) Hearing training should be combined with daily life so that they can listen to meaningful voices.

The organization of auditory training can be individual training or group training conducted in a special time, but the hearing ability of the hearing-impaired children can be ignored in daily life, especially in the process of interacting with others. In addition, the content of the words used for auditory training should be closely integrated with daily life. It is necessary to start with the familiar content of the child, and ensure that the child has a high success rate during the training process, and insist on positive encouragement and guidance.

(3) Auditory training should be combined with language training.

In addition to listening to natural sounds, language is the most critical and important content of auditory training. Auditory training should be combined with language training and other activities to form a complete training system. The effect of completely isolated auditory training is limited.

(4) Hearing training should be carried out in the game activities according to the age characteristics of the hearing-impaired children, using lively and interesting forms and rich and intuitive teaching aids.

(5) Hearing training should pay attention to the differences in individual hearing levels of hearing-impaired children.

According to the actual hearing level, physiological age, and hearing age of the hearing-impaired children, a phased plan that is consistent with the child’s development is formulated. The appropriate auditory training program is based on regular assessments. Only by understanding the child’s auditory state can the next targeted training program be developed.

(6) Hearing training for hearing-impaired children must be adhered to every day.

Auditory training is a long-term task like language training. When starting rehabilitation, more auditory training activities can be arranged. When he learns to listen and can use residual hearing better, the time of auditory training can be reduced, but not completely. Cancellation can be flexibly combined with language teaching.

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